Monday, July 21, 2014

Peace Happiness Joy Surrender !

I've come to certain realizations recently, that perhaps people will always have inner and outer conflicts, there is no sure way to help everyone or anyone if you can't help yourself.

Meekey Mouse
 I began a talisman several years back about peace particularly between Israeli's and Palestinians, and I got a sign recently, and certain inalienable truths.  The first is that while all the actions of resistance using violence on the part of Palestinian might be justified from one perspective, they will never resolve the conflict, and will only delay any and all resolutions that would or may put an end to conflict.  If the Palestinians in Gaza are to establish Peace it could only come from a renunciation of violence towards Israel.  It doesn't make sense to launch rockets into the territorial boundaries of the world's 6th largest military force.  And it will probably do nothing to lift the blockage, bring political resolutions to the occupied territories, and settlement expansion.  Peace is a way forward, it could lead to collective prosperity for all Gazans.  The Bible says the meek shall inherit the Earth, and there is some truth to that philosophically, because violence begets violence, peace begets peace, and eventually all the violent people will kill each other off.   The peaceful tend to gather together in peace.

Happiness is sure to follow Peace.
At the individual, and collective level Happiness follows the choice of Peace, one or many who choose this path will always be able to come into alignment with the full expression of their soul. Peace is not a desire, as much as it is a hunger in the soul.  Nourishing the soul is not always taught in this world, but the way to it begins with the individual.  There is a nice reading of All Things Added by James Allen, which contains many spiritual truths. 

Anyway I feel that I am ready to retire this blog, but continue my journey as doll and miniature artisan.   The link below leads to the only blog I plan on continuing indefinitely.


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