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Embodying Peace as Oppose to Looking for it Out There, In an Out There State of Mind.

Bodhisattva state of mind, it is not ecstacy, and that word to describe that state of mind, is an absolute falsehood.  It is an inversion of an individual Being from a state of objective objectivity into a prison of subjective subjectivity or (selflessness) in a cruel and ravenous world.  And for four years the supreme intelligence of Nature itself was intervening and aiding Me without the help of anyone, my state of mind, has recovered, not only have I recovered Supreme Sovereignty over my own mind, body, and Soul, but I know how to protect myself now.  The social reinforcers for a selfless being are every where in society, and culture, and there are various degrees of subjectively existing, all states of the mind conditioned subjectively can lead to various conditions of mental illness, because in many cases these states of the mind are induced hypnotically, or through cultural agitation. I am beginning anew, and there will be new art available from me in the near future.  Currently I am sharing a foundational psychological program, so that it may be understood where the line is between Objective individuality, and the subjectively subjective, and subjectively objective in relations to healthy individualism, the System is termed Boundary Relativity™.   Alan George Jong

The writing below this paragraph, which I zeroed out, with a definitive line , is all written from an inverted paradoxical state of mind, one in which the mind is psychologically inverted into a reality of subjective subjectivity, back to a centered state the inner burning resulting from one being collectivized to identify with all of mankind, as some divine family, or even the subjectively subjective concepts such as equality, those are just ideals.  I feel blessed to have been able to break through the hypnosis, and its psychological blocks.  Now I see things for what they are.  And writing in such general terms is due to an inverted world view.  I will make further videos on how this occurs and upload them to you tube.  But I want to make it clear, I view nature from a very objective prospective as being a supreme intelligence.  In order to break the hypnosis I had to dive back as far as I could in to my past and undo every conditioned psychological block, even the idiom Sticks & Stones may break my bones, but word may never hurt me, that is an absolute lie, but it is a conditioner that can create a psychological blocks from an unexpected Hypnosis induced psychologically.  God was another concept I had to break within myself shatter it completely into its proper order of just a word that can be classified as subjectively subjective, the way in which it is used, and the way in which it is projected or related to, will always be an individualized experience, at its deepest resonance.  All religion has no subjective grip on my objective reality.  I can say without a doubt my view on the issue is different today when it comes to religion, and God. Any addition I applied to the writing below is in parenthesis, and my view now is the paradoxical state of selflessness is a living hell you are trying to find a completeness outside of your being, because in some way your mind has been psychologically burdened to focus on problems beyond your capacity to fix. The problem Of Israel, and it's relationship to the rest of the world, belongs to the U.N. Since that was the Organization which ratified the State of Israel.  And Anyway the United Nations, does not speak or act on my behalf, neither do I blanket my existence with its declaration of human rights. It is that organization which placed a Psychological Hypnotist before it's World body, that is what Krishnamurti was, and the damage a person like that can cause to an individual human condition is detrimental.  Also the associations relating to his teachings had to be shattered too,  through first person sharing the first time I heard of Krishnamurti was in Zeitgeist the Movie, a documentary film, about 9-11 and other issue.   I see all those agendas as subjective objectivity, based on subjective subjectivity, now as opposed to having any importance, beyond a driven agenda.   It is my right to subjectively subjugate information, through my own determinism as valid or invalid to my well being of which I am the whole and soul sovereign over.   It took me four years to roll out of it, after watching at least a do-zen of his teachings.   
Perhaps, the image above, to some degree has been objectified through computers, and the internet is a virtual representation, of that mind (plural), that Buddhist, and Eastern religions, refer to it, as the God Head, the image itself is depicting the God head in very general terms, and it predates electricity.  The concept is an ancient one, therefore a resonance of the philosophical roots, do harbor across the internet.   The internet is not technically a God, but an information, and knowledge bank,  one in which virtual domains are limited only by ones imagination, if it has limitations,  time, and  perhaps corporate legislation as well.  However Law is legislated here it is a virtual reality, that has commercial and community value, and individual value as well. The reason why I even show this picture here is because, to some degree or another, it is the way in which Krishnamurti's Psychological Hypnosis to some degree or another subjectifies an individual, but his method of creating that state was a Hypnotic one.  If you look him up on You Tube, a percentage of his followers viewing his speaking where hypnotized. An unidentified and general speaker, was part of his gimmick.


The chaotic sphere of apocalyptic resonance is born of fear no doubt.  I've tried to reveal evidence that the Universe we live in is not malevolent, it is benevolent.  We are creatures of little understanding with that respect.   All the conflicts born of ignorance hold us back from the process of flowering as a species into the states of being which transcend the present state of global conflict.  Reflecting back on Wars of aggression, even prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, I voiced my opinion in opposition to such conflict, whenever I could, and what I witnessed was people can give you the dirtiest looks when you don't agree with what they are spoon fed by the media.   Another issue the media cowardly betrayed conscience with is criticizing domestic foreign policy in relation to Israel. 

  When it comes to criticizing Israel, for what it engages in it is the most sacrilege exercise of freedom of speech in our society, which in general acts so cowardly, in the face of the injustices perpetrated on innocent Palestinians, day after day.   A questioned often posed is does Israel have the right to exist?   This question is asked in a false pretext, Israel, exist through imposing an intimidation on the world, it is a highly militarized manifestation of extreme ethic centricity, and domination through a perpetual militant occupation.  And it has not defined boarders because it embodies colonialism at its worse.  Palestinian Families have been forced into exile as refugees.  Their properties often seized with no accountability, and in this state Palestinians throughout the world for the most part have not been made whole as of yet.   All human beings have a right to exist, (exist as a result of rights extended by Nature).  It should be absolutely clear Jews have no divine right to what for lands which once where Arab dominated known as Palestine; which for the last 1000 years was mostly an autonomous Arab state.   There are no chosen people preferred by God in this World.  And the point of this post is to admit I've been wrong when that question is posed to Me Does Israel have a right to exist, I've answered yes in the past, but what Israel represents are not my values, they will never be within the sphere of my values.  My answer today is it should not have the right to exist as it currently exist, and there is no greater obstacle to Peace in the world, that is due to the fact that since founded Israel exist in a state of creating endless conflict, and aggression, that is the antithesis to Peace.  Peace is destroyed in states of endless conflict, and aggression. Peace is a state of being, that is the plain and simple truth. I wanted to be in solidarity with Palestinians resistance to Israel's, occupation, expropriation, and exploitation, resisting these tyrannies is a divine right.   Everything sought in this world, material and non-material alike, is to conserve, preserve, and embody pleasurable states of being, happiness and comfort for the most part, these don't have be sough at the sacrifice of another Human beings right to self determine, and when they are, conflicts are born.  Conflicts always have a source resolution, in all situations of this nature it is right action. Right action in the case of this conflict instigated by occupation is resistance.   The Sun the source of life, is capable of sustaining life on the Earth for it is also a living being, but one of it's duties is to transmute resonances of conflict because they don't serve a purpose, that is in alignment with the benevolence of the cosmos, and are destructive to the process of our evolution, sometimes it's reflected through phenomena in nature that threatens our existence on the planet. One of the absolute truths we should be aware of is life on our planet was seeded.

 This Song is one of many social conditioners which can reinforce a person who is under hypnosis.
I still like the music, and that aspect of it does not change, the only part that changes is the music is now a projection contemplated from an objectively objective frame of reference, as a opposed to a subjectively subjective state of mind.   That makes a huge difference.

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