Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Turkies in the Straw..Mickey's Rival's & The Ten Commandments!~

A few years back I was browsing in a used book store and came across a Children's book titled 'Sir Archibald".  I picked up a copy for about $5, and was moved by the tail of the main character, and his brave attitude toward facing Grizzlegrimm and the Meanies, the villain's in this book. 
These Villains parallel reality in the way modern day villain's do, by creating and projecting fear.  Fundamental religions are a master at doing this and in some ways Grizzleggrimm a straw stuff dummy which everyone fears, and no one challenges is how the God(s) of most religions operate(s), while those on the other side of the veil `the Meanies`(as a metaphor for them) relish on the authority they have over these Grizzlegrimm fearing masses.
The Meanies are always testosterone driven plutocrats, or their psychopathic patsies all to willing to kill, rape, exploit and chastise Mother Nature, and the public with fear, while Grizzlegrimm (a metaphor for any number of things) is their cover..
In the passing era of "Greed is Good" Grizzlegrimm became a recruitment vehicle for would be plutocrats who often fell by the waste side of their empty, and visionless ambitions to be a part of something based on the infinite growth of debt expansion and the vacuity there in.  The Meanies of this world have lost or are losing every Grizzlegrimm that once afforded them cover to commit any number crimes against their fellow human beings. 
The Book inspired a Katchina Doll G'u ate m'Alan, as Sir Archibald swallows time the fate of all Grizzlegrimms, is revealed because for most of us with time comes clarity in all things.  While in this day and age Meanies have proliferated ideals which serve to advance agendas unfriendly to life in general, they do so at their own peril, because Sir Archibald's are rising up in every corner of the globe not only to expose them, but challenge them, and the ideals which Meanies proliferate.  

My feeling on the subject of awakening is that it's Spiritual, with so much of Humanity seeking Truth, and wisdom to navigate through the crumbling vestiges of institutionally structured society, many of us are seeking or have found alternative streams of information, and they are a dime a dozen on the Internet. When it comes to the things of a Spiritual nature and I believe seeking the highest truth knowable falls into this category, `I go with what resonates with my intuition, and intuition is not static. 
On this Fourth of July I celebrate the other unstrung Hero's who bravely pound a Drum of Truth, especially needed in this Day
and age.  But as for Me there is constant Presence of God I need not reach far or look elsewhere for the divine source of all things.
I now work to bind the chains of St. Peter and the 10 commandments on every corporation.  Those institutions desire person hood, consider this their first initiation. I know that the full power of God with all the forces of
the universe shall either save or condemn them.   
God is with Me not only every step I take, but in every breath that I take, and even the work of a former Life had a purpose.  Let Me make this clear too, if I had a say in it's present day operation it would be an employee shared enterprise, and it's purpose would be to provide for as many as possible.  I'm in a different body with a different set of circumstances, and a different purpose this life.  The truth is I remember much of my former life as Walt Disney, and I remember more, and more of it every day.  It wasn't easy planting the seeds of a Magic Kingdom on Earth, and I did encounter many obstacles, and sometimes the worse in people did get in my way.  Was I a perfect Man then?  The answer is no, and that applies to my present life too, but I accept the fact that God is the only perfect being, and that his light shines upon my efforts in both lives, is enough to humble Me.   
I've been remembering much of my previous life, and I didn't reincarnate into this World without a purpose.  Even back when I lived in San Jacinto Ca back in the 90's, the clouds were gathering, and I would often gaze at them.  I took a few pictures then,, and when I recently came across them it was God who whispered in my ear, and said place that picture over the storyboard illustration you have of Fantasia.  I have been with you always my Son.  God has also revealed to Me that regarding the judgement, and cleansing of the Planet Earth, he is fully in control, and the only power I will have is to save those who's destiny is not mine, and I will not be able to do a thing until all things are finally revealed to Me, by him in dew time. 
Jesus Christ take this wheel, cause you're useless on a cross..
"He was a means to an end"..Walt Disney
"Born of necessity, the little fellow literally freed us of immediate worry" Walt Disney.

Corporate whores look something like this, and they are the only niggars, a `Gas Ring' of the hot air types, and I'm not talking about the Boys and Girls, in that video, I'm talking about the evil bastards that use them to profit in war of aggression deception and lies!~

 Originally publishised on 7/4/2012